African drumming - the pulse of life

"I have observed that people, wherever they are, open themselves through contact with African music. In a very short time, it creates an atmosphere of warmth, a closeness, and a completely different type of relationship between people. I personally believe that the serenity that these rhythms transmit is especially attractive. Without even knowing each other, when people drum together, they feel closer to one another."

- master drummer Mamady Keita, in his book A Life For The Djembe

Drumming is a great way to inspire confidence and build a sense of team spirit, as well as being invigorating and lots of fun.

[ West African drum armies from Senegambia, Guinea and Ghana on manoeuvres spreading peace and love throughout the land ]

I work alone or with various co-facilitators (dependent on your needs) to give African drumming workshops in schools and for businesses and community projects. I teach drumming classes in Herts, Beds and Bucks for adults and children, and give private tuition. We can also perform at your event, and entertain parties for children of all ages from 5-75.

[ Drumming is fun! ]We use the most popular type of African drums, which are called djembe (not bongos!) and bass drums called dun duns, as depicted on our logo, together with percussion and song to create happy vibes and infectious rhythms.

What sets us apart from other facilitators is our obsessive love for African music gained through decades of intensive study with African masters.