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I work alone or with one or more co-facilitators (dependent on your needs) to give African drum workshops for schools in West Herts, Beds and Bucks. I also do whole day projects in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, East Herts and West Essex.

Justine and Malcolm teaching at High Worth Combined School, August 2008Sessions include drumming with joyous traditional songs, and optionally also African dance for Year 2 upwards if my colleague Justine comes along too. Class sizes are usually 30 (larger groups are possible) but smaller groups often work better. We offer a series of packages which experience proves work well. Please select your school type:

After teaching professionally in schools for more than five years, we know what works well for each age group, and can focus, inspire and delight pupils while enhancing their multicultural education.

At least one teacher must be present at all times to maintain order, along with additional class assistants for any children who need support to focus their learning and prevent continual disruptions. The more focused the class can be, the more we'll achieve. (I am First Aid trained, if that helps with staffing issues.) Experience has shown us that when teachers actively participate in the classes their pupils get far more out of the session, as it sets a good example of co-operation to the children, who will be more inspired and focused, and enjoy seeing you make mistakes too :-)

Using the hall is much better, especially if we're working towards a performance, but if not available, a classroom is OK for a smaller group so long as the tables are moved out of the way to make a large enough space for a circle of chairs.

Notable recent assignments include:

I have also taught Wider Opportunities and 6-week Sound Bites projects at many Bedfordshire schools: