Contacting Drumming Is Fun

First, please read the relevant pages of this website before you email/phone me, so you can provide the right information to make a workshop booking enquiry which I can answer. By contacting us with a booking enquiry, you hereby agree to our brief Terms of Service.

Alternatively, if you're wanting to join one of my email lists for news about my drumclasses, please say which group, where you live, have you played before, your level, and do you own a drum? Also give your mobile number if you want to be informed of last-minute cancelled classes (I only text those people who come fairly often). Reading our F.A.Q. should answer most common questions.

Malcolm playing djembe at Green Park in Summer 2012, photo by Mike JacksonWays to make contact

Phone: Malcolm Smith on 01525 240 937 (home)
Email:, but please note that Gmail and Hotmail often fail to deliver my emails (this has been a known problem for an embarrassing number of years - basically their spam policy is broken). So please use a proper email address or include a phone number in your enquiry. Please check your Spam folder for my replies and flag my emails as "Not Spam".

I live near Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes and can travel to West Herts, Beds and Bucks (or further afield for whole day projects).

I'm often busy teaching most evenings, so please leave a message along with your daytime+evening phone numbers and/or email address. My mobile phone is for emergencies only, is usually switched off while teaching/driving, and voicemail is disabled. Please text me if urgent, or use my home answerphone instead, giving your phone number clearly at the beginning of answerphone messages. It's best to organise bookings when I'm sat at my desk, with all the right information at my fingertips, not while running around in between teaching.

Publicity and Credits

Photos on this website are copyright Malcolm Smith unless otherwise labelled. Please respect this and link to me if you would like to use any. Larger print-quality versions of some pictures on this website are available for press/publicity purposes.