Kids' classes


Older children aged 12 and above are welcome to join my adult classes at St. Albans or Clophill, provided that they can behave maturely and are accompanied by a parent. If your child is too young for my classes but shows prodigious talent, I'd be happy to give private tuition until they're old enough.

African drumming for children aged 7-11

I love working with kids aged 7-11, as that is the ideal age to start their musical journey, and my work in schools proves this day after day. Some younger children are also quite musical, but generally 4-6 year-olds are still acquiring their rhythmic skills and self-confidence integral to playing music.

I have previously taught various After School Clubs, but they are rarely easy to origanise. I was in discussions to try and secure funding to run a children's drumming class in the Dunstable area, but again this is proving to be a lot of work to get off the ground and has been put on hold until more folk show interest.

In summer+autumn 2013 I taught drumclasses for parents and children in St. Albans and ran a kids' class in Leighton Buzzard. I also started rehearsals for an elite performance group for outstanding children, as I'm really keen to develop talented kids who are rarely stretched in school. Sadly due to poor turnout, I can no longer run these groups at a loss. It's never about the money for me, but when only a few people are coming it's too much work for too little outcome. I was hopeful things might improve given the amount of parents who had expressed an interest in children's drumming classes. However, that interest never followed through, and the difficulty of targeting advertising to this group makes it hard to reach enough people.

So in future I can only run children's classes where I can be sure that there is sufficient demand, with parents signed up and paying in advance, before I invest the considerable amount of time it takes to deliver such a project.

I can only be in so many places at once, and demand for a niche service like African Drumming is often spread too far and wide to sustain a group, so I hope you don't mind travelling a bit further if your children are really keen. Realistically I should target big towns with more potential catchment area. If there is sufficient demand, I may be able to start up a kids' drumclass, but what may work better for families and small groups is to book me to give small-group tuition or Christmas/birthday parties. So if your child(ren) are interested, try and find other parents to band together with to make it worthwhile to cover my costs.